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Taking the time to take care of you is what we're all about.

There are so many levels to taking time to take care of ourselves and we rarely reflect on them.  We are busy earning a living, taking care of our families, staying in contact with friends and  keeping up with the details around the house. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to take the time to plan healthy meals or lift some weights.  


I have struggled with my weight for most of my life until I found resistance training. Although I have been an active adult, I could always eat enough to maintain a 10 – 20 pound surplus. I skipped from one diet to another. Balance is a very hard thing to achieve without giving it your complete attention. Once I started running distance, I thought I had it solved. I shed the weight with just a bit of self control when it came to food.  Once I reached my goal I could eat pretty much what I wanted because I was running so many miles. I was loving life! The endorphins of distance running are no joke.  If only I had been resistance training, I may still be running today.  Instead, I suffered several injuries and do not see myself running again.  The good news is that I have finally realized that that is okay. I am active and better balanced. I take time to work on my flexibility. I take time for long walks and short intense tabatas. I take time to train my balance. I still do rehab exercises to stay in the best shape possible.  


You can train to increase flexibility, reduce muscle imbalances, improve your functional balance and lift weights to get stronger, support your joints and prevent injury in 2 -3 sessions a week. Add to that a bit of daily cardio and stretching and you are TAKING CARE OF YOU.  There is a pride that comes with doing these things for yourself.


I am so excited to be in the position to help people avoid athletic and occupational injury. I want you to be able to continue in the sport you love and the job that you do so well. Let me help you reach your fitness goals. I am ready to help you accomplish more!

Laura Clayton of StrongShape Fitness Personal Training
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